Book Haul: r.h. Sin

By Kendra Sue - April 28, 2019

Today I went to Barnes and Noble and spent far too much money on books. 

One of my favorite poetry authors this year so far is r.h. Sin, he writes a lot about trauma, failed relationships, abuse and emotional distress in most of his books. 

I enjoy his books because I have things in my past that have hurt me emotionally and have caused a lot of stress, which, again, I will not get into on this blog. But it does matter to me because there's a reason I love his books so much. I've read a few already this year, all of them trying to validate the victim from a previous relationship or friendship that hurt them emotionally. 

I bought the following books today: Whisky Words & A Shovel I - III and She Just Wants to Forget. I actually already finished She Just Wants to Forget, I'll post a short review of that sometime this next week, I need to gather some more thoughts about it. Because I really enjoyed it, but there were parts I'm still unsure about. 

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