Book Review: The Cruel Prince (Not Spoiler Free)

By Kendra Sue - May 05, 2019

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
I finished The Cruel Prince yesterday by Holly Black. I had started it awhile ago and put it down after less than 50 pages, but I started it over again with the help of the audiobook and it was much easier this time around. 

The story follows three sisters, Taryn, Jude and Vivienne as they are stolen away from the human world and taken to Faerie by Vivienne's father, a fae, Madoc. 

Not only that, Madcon kills their parents, leaving them orphaned and forced to come to Faerie because they are now "his problem" to deal with. 

I liked this book mostly because I'm obsessed with faeries and the fae and fae lore, and this was a more high fantasy novel which got me out of my comfort zone. 

I want to give this book a 4/5 but I'm not really sure I can. Jude put me off throughout some of the book and made her a very unlikable character to me. As one of my friends said, how did she get so close to the royalty? Her father? I know her father was interested in war and fighting, and wanted Balekin to be king, that's my only theory.

Plus, I know she was mortal and they didn't like mortals, but why didn't Jude just stay away from them? She knew how much they hated mortals, and yet kept pushing it like her not letting it bother her was going to keep her safe. They made it sound like the fae could be dangerous, and yet she kept putting herself in those situations just to prove a point. 

I also didn't like the ending either, where did Oak's story come into play? I knew about the acorn from the story, but it felt like they just threw in his story because they couldn't think of anything else. I love Holly Black's writing, and her style was really wonderful to read. I just wish I enjoyed it more. I have the second one coming in the mail soon and the third one comes out in November, so maybe I'll enjoy the next two a little bit more! But I think I give this one a 3.5/5 just because of little things I didn't like. 

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