Book Review: When The Moon Was Ours

By Kendra Sue - May 06, 2019

When The Moon Was Ours
Holy crap did this read go by fast. I started this just a few days ago after I finished my read of The Cruel Prince and I absolutely adored this novel. I listened to the audiobook as well as followed along with the physical copy, and any moment I could I was listening to the audiobook. 

I give this book a solid 5/5 stars and I'm probably being over generous but I don't care. It was a read that needed to happen and I'm so glad I got the chance to read it.

When The Moon Was Ours follows the story of Meil and Sam, also known as Samir, as they go from being the best of friends to lovers. They've been friends ever since they were kids when the water tower falls. Samir finds her after the falling of their old water tower and it is as if she came from the water, first there was nothing and then there was Meil. The hem of her skirt was never quite dry and she seems to have memories that aren't her own at times. 

She has roses and flowers growing from her wrists that sisters, known as the Bonner sisters wanted to covet and take for themselves. They believe it will make any boy fall in love with them, and if Meil doesn't do as she's told, they will reveal Sam's secret. 

It took me awhile to really understand this novel because there were bits of fiction that I'm not used to reading. Meil has roses and flowers that grow out of her wrists, and this was something I had no idea how to even comprehend until basically the middle of the book. It wasn't explained very well but it took awhile to understand that this was partly a book filled with magic and fantasy as well as modern day realism. 

Samir, Sam, is going through something that isn't discussed in many books due to its subject, and this was a fantastic read for me because I related to it so much. Sam is transgender, a word they don't really use much throughout the book but it becomes very apparent after awhile. His birth name is Samira and he wears a binder to cover his chest and keep out wandering eyes of who he was born as. 

Meil is a mystery, and everyone knows it. She appeared after the falling of the water tower and no one knew where she had come from. I'm not going to spoil her character for anyone reading, because her storyline kicked into place with me in my brain shortly before it was revealed. So if you plan to read this, just wait and you'll find out more about her. 

What I liked most about this storyline is the fact that the authors husband is actually trans and she pulled this from real life experiences. She discusses cultural differences as well which was a real eye-opener for me to learn about, because I want to soak up information on new cultures (hint hint, if you have book recs let me know in the comments). 

I want everyone to be able to read this book and see what it has to offer, because at the very beginning I didn't know if I was going to end up liking it. I was very confused and it was slow for a little while, and then randomly took off very quickly. I think it took me maybe a total of two days to read it, which, of late, is very quick for me. 

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