August Bullet Journal Spread

By Kendra Sue - August 02, 2019

I realized I never made a post about my August bullet journal spread when I was updating my blog layout so I wanted to show you guys what I've been working on creating these last couple weeks.

August approached so fast but I was so ready to get July out of the way. I've had this idea in my head for August since the beginning of June. I planned on making this layout on my iPad bujo but it obviously didn't work out.

My theme for this month is green and pink flower and leaf doodles. It's also my birthday month (I turn 25 on the 4th!) and pink is one of my favorite colors and I love floral doodles as much as the rest of the bullet journal community. I've kept the same style of trackers that I had last month, and all I really changed was that I added a better expense tracker because the one I used last month failed and I never filled it out.

What's your theme this month? Are you just getting into bullet journaling? I've set up a brand new email you can send me your creations or tell me all about how you plan to get started. Email me at and I would love to see everything you guys are creating!

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