"Juliet Takes A Breath" Review (Not Spoiler Free)

By Kendra Sue - January 04, 2020

Wow I finally finished a book. At the start of 2020 nonetheless but I still finished a book. I started "Juliet Takes A Breath" by Gabby Rivera about a week ago and then finished it just a few days ago.

Juliet is a Puerto Rican-American from the Bronx, she's a lesbian who is somewhat new to the community and doesn't understand the inter-workings of the community having been raised by a fairly conservative mother and family. She knows she's gay but she doesn't know anything about trans rights or pronouns, making her somewhat of an outcast in the city of Portland when she goes to intern with a writer of a feminist book called "Raging Flower" written by a lady named Harlowe. 

Harlowe isn't all that she claims to be as Juliet finds out throughout the novel. She comes off as this totally educated, feminist, powerful LGBT+ icon when in fact she comes off as extremely ignorant herself, taking advantage of Juliet's heritage and upbringing of being Puerto Rican.

The main reason she goes to Portland is not only to intern, but to meet up with her girlfriend Lainie, someone she met in college and found out that she had fallen in love with her. But things happen and Juliet founds out that while she loves her, Lainie has fallen in love with someone else. I'm not going to give everything away, but this was a big turning point in the novel, which I was almost expecting yet did not expect at all.

I would give this book a solid 5/5 stars. It's extremely educational especially from a perspective of someone who is very ignorant about the workings of the LGBT+ community. Having been from a small town and having to learn most of my information from the internet, I felt for Juliet and the way she had to learn things about the community. I would actually read this again just because it was so enthralling and interesting!

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