The Midnight Library Review *not spoiler free*

By Kendra Sue - October 19, 2020

I’m finally posting my review of The Midnight Library! I’ve read it twice now and I think it’s sufficient to say I have a proper review in mind. 

So this is not going to be a spoiler free review so if you’re going to keep reading and haven’t read the book yet I suggest stepping away from this post! 

The Midnight Library is the space between life and death, at least for Nora. Nora wants to die and sees everything in her life as bad and sees herself as a failure. She almost succeeds and ends up in what is known as The Midnight Library. But what is it? It is a place for second chances, second chances to see how a different life could be for you. Nora ends up here with her old librarian Mrs. Elm who is basically her guide to finding a new life to end up in. 

She tries out life after life to the point where she is unhappy in every single one of them, from owning a pub with her old fiancé, to being a glaciologist and almost getting attacked by a polar bear, to having a family of her own. 

My favorite part of this story? The lesson it teaches, that your life is precious and you may have things in your life that you are unhappy with but there are good parts of your life that you never want to lose. For me this book hits a very personal area in my life. I’ve gone through periods of suicidal thoughts and depressive episodes like Nora to the point of wanting to die, but you have to remember there are things in your root life, as Nora calls it, that are so important you can’t lose. For me it’s my wife, my animals, my dog, my friends, and Nora realizes that and realizes she wants to live. 

My least favorite part? There are parts that honestly go on forever, there’s a certain chapter that it goes on and on that I didn’t enjoy and basically skipped through the second time I read it. It talks about all her lives that she’s lived in this library, and it goes on for about two to three pages and it kind of got a little boring. It picked up after that when she realized she wasn’t getting anywhere with her lives and she wants to go back to her root life. 

If I could give this book 6/5 stars I would in a heartbeat, but I give this book a 5/5 stars because I seriously loved it that much. I would absolutely LOVE to see a movie adaptation of this book, but I think it would be very complicated to show all of her lives in an hour and a half to two hour time frame. 

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone, I’ve already recommended to my dad and others and I think everyone, no matter what their age would enjoy this book. It is more of an adult style book but even teenagers can learn from this book. 

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