Written In The Stars Review *not spoiler free*

By Kendra Sue - December 17, 2020


I found this book when searching for sapphic books on google and it came up on Goodreads. Just the synopsis made me realize I needed this book in my life. I was gifted it and I started reading it instantly and I fell completely in love. 

Elle and Darcy are total opposites. They’re set up on a blind date by Darcy’s brother and Elle’s best friend Brendon. Their first date went so horribly Elle overheard her on the phone that she was a wreck and the date went horribly. 

Come to find out Darcy’s been telling her brother Brendon that she was smitten with Elle, and that their date went so well. Elle finds out from Brendon that Darcy’s been saying these things despite being there and knowing the date did not go well. She doesn’t know what to say and will think she’ll look stupid if she says the date didn’t go well because Darcy has already admitted that she was “smitten” with her. 

Elle confronts her and is basically like “what the hell?” And they plan on faking a relationship to appease everybody. Darcy to appease her brother and get him off her back about getting back out there and dating, and Elle, appeasing her mother so it makes it look like she actually has something good in her life. But what happens when you stop faking it and actually fall in love? 

This book is definitely not a YA novel, probably more along the lines of new adult or even adult fiction. There were two NSFW scenes in this book, so I’m hesitant to say this would be good for young adults to read. But to each their own, if you like smut and sex scenes this book is for you lol. 

This book completely took me by surprise in the middle of it. I thought I had it all figured out and I knew exactly what was going to happen (I did in the end because there’s always a conflict in books and I knew exactly what the conflict was going to be). But the middle of the book completely threw me for a loop. The first sex scene had me reeling because it came out of nowhere. And when I first saw this book I really did think it was a young adult novel about two gay girls. No, they’re in their late 20s and have careers and everything. 

Darcy is an actuary and Elle is one of the brains behind Oh My Stars with her best friend Margot and working with Brendon on OTP which is a dating app. Like I said, they’re complete opposites. Darcy doesn’t believe in anything astrology or zodiac signs, and that’s Elle’s life and job. 

The way Darcy slowly fell in love with Elle made my heart sing as she was so opposed to her in the beginning, it was beautiful really. Despite the very hot and heavy couple scenes this book gave, and when I say hot and heavy, I mean it, they did not censor this book at all, the storyline was so innocent and fun and cute and I loved every minute of it. 

I give this book a 4.5/5 stars ONLY because of how predictable it was. I knew going into it exactly what was going to happen so it didn’t really give me that sense of “whats going to happen next” kind of feeling. But it was beautifully charming and I grew to like Darcy so much in the end. She went from a cold hearted bitch, in my opinion, (for good reason) to an actual loveable character. I would say this book is probably good for anyone 18+ just because of its contents and how they do not censor anything. I’m 26 and even I was a little shocked by how graphic it was. But I enjoyed it otherwise and I’m so glad I was gifted it! 

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