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My name is Kendra Foxley, I'm a 25 year old book blogger from Omaha, NE. I'm married to my wife Allison Foxley and we live in Elkhorn, a booming city in right on the edge of Omaha. In my personal life I am so much more than just someone who reads or works on bullet journals. I'm a medication aide at a long term care facility near where I live and I've been there for roughly seven months. It's a great passion of mine to help people and I'm going into pursuing a nursing degree.

I write in my spare time and I'm currently working on a work of fiction that is fantasy and follows the lives of Aster and Ismae Damini who are fiction original characters of mine. I may eventually post more about them here but for now it's mostly just a private work that I'm working on for myself. I've been writing since I was a child but it's grown into more of a serious hobby since about 2014. A lot of my previous works are long gone but I'm still so proud of how far it's taken me. 

I've been reading for as long as I can remember, but my love for reading really took off when I was in the middle of elementary school. We used to have to read for points, and the first book I remember picking up and absolutely enjoying was a Judy Bloom novel for kids. Even with my love for that book I still struggled with reading unlike some of my peers. They were reading for fun while I was reading to get by in school. 

In middle school and high school my love for books really took off. There were several series I read and I couldn't get enough of them. One that was recommended by a friend of mine was called The Left Behind series, I'm since past that whole series and the main story behind it and I've grown into a different person since then, but at the time they were the reason behind my love for books. The children's books I was able to get through one or two in a single day because they were so small, and I had such a passion for the story. 

Since then I've read a lot, from Harry Potter, to The Hunger Games, and all sorts of series in between. Series are one of my favorites, that is until I get so used to the story I have to take a break. I love stand alone novels as well, but I love series' because I can focus on characters for a longer period of time.

One of my favorite series of all time is The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, including its sister series The Infernal Devices. I haven't read The Dark Artifices yet but I'm getting there slowly. I started Lady Midnight but ended up putting it down for various reasons at the time. The characters in the books captured my heart so much and they will forever remain two of my favorite series of all time.

Another series I really enjoy is the Three Dark Crowns series. I ended up loving it way more than I initially thought, just twenty pages into the first book I wanted to put it down, it was not something I felt like I could be interested in. They're currently working on the fourth book and I've just preordered it! As soon as that comes out this September you know I will have my hands on it and finish it as fast as I can. 

I'm also apart of the bullet journal community. I started around July 2018 but quickly fell off the bandwagon after just two months of doing it. It didn't feel like it was for me. People who made plans, had busy lives and needed to keep track of events had bullet journals and planners, and I was just not that kind of person. I did it for the aesthetic and liked the art behind the journal, but that's all I did it for. I wouldn't fill anything out, pages would be left blank, and it just got kind of boring. 

Early 2019 I made the decision to try again, this time with an iPad. I'm ashamed to say I only bought the iPad for the art I wanted to create, even though I've found, digitally, I'm not the best artist. I figured I had trouble with paper bullet journaling, might as well try something on the iPad that I could still be creative with. Turns out, it's really inconvenient to take an iPad Pro with you everywhere and it became just like my first bullet journal: I wasn't actually filling anything out. 

So I made the decision to try one more time with paper bullet journaling. A friend of mine recommended me the brand Dingbats for a journal to try as it was bigger than my previous journals I tried to use which would make it easier for me to put my artwork on a bigger piece of paper. 

Thus started my love and obsession for bullet journaling. At the time of me writing this I successfully completed my first month of bullet journalling and created every weekly spread that I could for the month of July. I have pictures of my spread here if you'd like to check it out and not go sifting through my whole blog to find some pictures. 

You can follow me on other social media such as twitter, instagram, pinterest and goodreads, and I will link all of those below if you're interested in seeing more of my content. Thank you for reading! 

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